“I was recommended to North West Hearing by a work colleague.  I wanted to try the invisible Lyric hearing aid, I had tried various hearing aids over the years but always ended up not wearing them and leaving them in a draw.  I rang North West Hearing and got an appointment later the same day.
I had a hearing test which was more detailed than I have had before, I was asked various questions on lifestyle etc. and it was decided I was suitable to take the 30 day free trial.  As soon as I was fitted the difference was unbelievable; walking to my car I heard noises I’ve not heard for years. Walking into a crowded room was slightly over-powering at first but I soon got used to it; I’ve had them for 2 weeks now and have adjusted really well.  I have had to go back to North West Hearing a couple of times for adjustments my left side was slightly uncomfortable, this is where NWH come in to their own.

No sales pressure – I was able to try different products with 30 day free trial – quick repeat appointments including one time out of hours – total understanding of customers needs – on-going ear care – first class service with a great support team” James Kight