What are in ear monitors?

The idea is simplicity itself. Replace the cumbersome and feedback-prone floor monitor and sidefill loudspeakers with a small wireless device, worn by the performer, which would deliver the monitor mix directly to the ear at a volume that could be personally controlled. We can provide the complete monitoring system which is compatible with the majority of sound equipment.

Why should I use them?

Monitors offer lots of benefits to the performer as well as the audience:

  • Complete freedom of movement for the artist
  • Control of volume, helping to safeguard hearing and reducing voice fatigue
  • A clear and uncluttered stage, improving audience sightlines
  • The reduction of on-stage volume, which improves front-of-house sound
  • Overall improvement in monitoring sound quality, more precise, more consistent.

For years musicians and other sound professionals have used custom in-ear monitors for the highest degree of comfort and noise isolation on stage.

Now all MP3 and smart phone users can benefit from the same technology – many In-Ear Monitors are based on technology developed for hearing aids so levels of accuracy are exceptionally high, enhancing small details in music that you didn’t even know existed.

JH Audio in-ear monitors

For the ultimate in audio reproduction choose from our selection, as an independent practice we can choose from the full range of IEM manufacturers.

We are recommended by all the manufacturers of In-Ear Monitors, simply contact us to arrange an appointment on  0161 491 1943. One of our trained audiologists will take your unique ear impressions and discuss your requirements with you.  For details of manufacturers visit here

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