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I can’t sing the team’s praises enough

If I could give them more stars I would! I went there to get moulded ear plugs and ended up coming away with their own version of in-ear monitors, which were suggested as a cheaper alternative to the super-expensive professional types. These could be changed from in-ears to normal plugs by swapping the in-ear headphones … [read more]

Incredible impact on my hearing

“I have used other hearing aids for many years but my new Lyric hearing aids have had an incredible impact on my hearing.  The clarity of my hearing has increased my quality of life.  I’d recommend North West Hearing without a doubt, the staff are brilliant and helpful”  Angela Casement

I feel more like me again!

“I’d recommend North West hearing without hesitation!  The staff are absolutely great, couldn’t be nicer.  I first noticed my hearing loss about a year ago, but since having my new hearing aids I’m more confident and I feel more like me again!”  Jacqueline Buckley

Amazed and more confident

“I first realised I had a hearing loss when I was 5, but waited until now to try the Lyric hearing aid.  When I first had it fitted I was amazed, it has made me more confident, I would recommend North West Hearing.”  Carole Ann

Would I recommend North West Hearing? Without a doubt

“I noticed my hearing gradually deteriorate over a few years. I decided something had to be done when I had trouble hearing the warning beeper as I was turning the garage alarm off. I visited two hearing aid specialists who both offered me over the ear aids, these were not acceptable to me as I … [read more]

I feel quite inspired

Wax Removal Clinic “My GP suggested I contact North West Hearing to get my ears cleared of wax urgently because the blockage and the loud buzzing was making me feel increasingly anxious and unbalanced. Sam immediately reassured me that I would get sorted soon – this was on a Friday and my appointment was made … [read more]

First Class Service

Hearing Aids Manchester “I was recommended to North West Hearing by a work colleague.  I wanted to try the invisible Lyric hearing aid, I had tried various hearing aids over the years but always ended up not wearing them and leaving them in a draw.  I rang North West Hearing and got an appointment later … [read more]

Lyric Hearing Aid – bowled over with the results

Lyric Hearing Aid testimonial “My first awareness of an impairment in my hearing was probably as much as 20 years ago although I took no remedial action until about 10 years ago. I tried ‘in ear’ and ‘behind ear’ hearing aids from both Specsavers and Boots.  Neither gave me the result that I was looking for … [read more]

Simply Red’s Ian Kirkham seen on location

“So pleased that Musicians Hearing Services has now opened up in Manchester, saw them while Simply Red on tour this week” Ian Kirkham – Simply Red Saxophonist. Pictured is Ian Kirkham and Dr Greg Nassar.

Eddie Temple Morris

If you’re a DJ or a muso and you’re reading this and thinking ‘maybe its time I got some earplugs…’, hold that thought and listen: there is NO ‘maybe’ about it. I cannot stress to you how important it is to protect your ears, they are your living, and they are under almost daily barrage. … [read more]

Lyric is my angel – My personal milestone surfing 3-5ft waves with a hearing aid in!

“My name is Alex Hayward, I’m a Property Renovator and Developer (Pinewood Property).  My parents first realised I had a hearing loss when I was 4.  I was given an NHS hearing aid when joining a new school age 7. I was stubborn at this age and never wore it! Then at university I was … [read more]

Paul Miller

“When I attended meetings at work it was always so difficult to hear that it made me feel stressed and tired. Although I have always had a hearing loss, I have never wanted to wear a hearing aid. Thanks to my tiny Lyric device, I can hear perfectly and no-one can tell I have a … [read more]

Musicians Hearing Services North (MANCHESTER)

Musicians Hearing Services North (MANCHESTER)

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