North West Hearing is long established in Cheadle as an all embracing audiological practice. To meet our staffing needs we are seeking to recruit an Audiologist to join our team.

Qualifications and experience

  • An MSc / BSc in audiology with clinical and commercial dispensing experience
  • HCPC registered

Audiologist Job Description:


  1. Provision of specialist audiological diagnostic testing, including but not exclusively; pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, acoustic reflex testing & tympanometry, tinnitus match and mask, APD diagnostics, high-frequency audiometry, paediatric audiometry, medico-legal audiometry. 
  2. Providing audiological support and diagnostic services to ENT clinics.


  1. To perform hearing assessments and advice to musicians under the MHHS (Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme) on hearing protection.

Rehabilitation / ear care:

  1. To diagnose, fit, verify and manage hearing impairment across a broad range of patients; recommending appropriate hearing aids from all major manufacturers.
  2. The assessment, fitting and fine-tuning of the Lyric hearing aid (additional training will be provided).
  3. Taking of appropriate aural impressions in accordance with British Society of Audiology recommended procedures for hearing aids, hearing protection including in ear monitors.
  4. Provision of clinical ear care services, including wax removal using techniques including: instrumentation, irrigation, and microsuction (additional training will be provided).


  1. To develop and maintain good communication with all levels of management and build partnerships with the wider organisations in the promotion of the business; in order to further develop the services at North West Hearing.
  2. To support research and audit projects within the department including support of other audiology and non-audiology staff in the performance of audits.
  3. To maintain appropriate records of all clinical practice in accordance with North West Hearing procedures.
  4. To maintain appropriate Continuing Professional Development as required under registration to the Health and Care Professions Council.
  5. Any other duties as may be determined from time-to-time, to meet clinical needs and / or general service provision.


We offer competitive salaries based on qualifications and experience.

Please send CV to Nicci Aylott (HR)