Lyric Hearing Aid

Lyric is 100% invisible!

No one can see it – even from inches away. But you can sleep in it, shower in it, swim in it*– and wear it for months without taking it out.

*see Lyric FAQ’s

Lyric is effortless

No daily insertion or removal, battery changes or maintenance. People who wear Lyric say they no longer feel like a hearing aid user!

Sound Quality

Unlike other digital technology which mimics natural sound, Lyric takes natural sound and makes you hear better.

“It’s perfect for me because you can’t see it at all” Jessica-Jane Stafford – Actress & Harley Street Hearing patient.

“I have used other hearing aids for many years but my new Lyric hearing aids have had an incredible impact on my hearing.  The clarity of my hearing has increased my quality of life.  I’d recommend North West Hearing without a doubt, the staff are brilliant and helpful”  Angela Casement



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