Shooting Earplugs

A gun shot is in excess of 120 dB (as loud as a jet engine taking off).  This can permanently damage your hearing for life, cause distressing noise induced tinnitus, or acoustic trauma (perforation of the eardrums due to increase in sound pressure level) in milliseconds.  So, it is essential to use the correct high performance attenuators.

Why choose custom hearing protection?

  • Instantly suppresses harmful gunshot noise.
  • No gun mount interference.
  • Allows for conversation and the use of mobile phones without removing your hearing protection, which in turn removes the risk of unexpected gunshots damaging your hearing.
  • Comfortable to wear as the device is custom made for your ear.

There are two types of custom shooting protection:


Filtered passive hearing protection uses values and filters to instantly reduce the intensity of gunshot sounds without the use of digital suppression software, making them a cost effective option. Click here for more information.


Suppression of noise in the presence of a gunshot, this is joint with an active module which allows the shooter to hear speech and amplify low level sounds such as the releasing trap during clay pigeon shooting and approaching game.  Click here for more information.

Shooting Plugs

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