Hyperacusis is a condition where every day sounds appear overly loud and can be painful.

It arises from the way that the brain’s central auditory processing centre perceives noise.  It could be that all sounds appear too loud, or high frequency sounds may be particularly acute.  It is common for people with tinnitus to also have hyperacusis but it may occur without tinnitus.

Hyperacusis can be a minor annoyance but for some it can be difficult to lead a normal life without it’s interference, and can contribute to social isolation, phonophobia (fear of normal sounds), and depression.

The management of Hyperacusis usually involves the treatment of any medical conditions associated with the condition, counselling, and often the use of sound therapy, custom-made ear protection may also help.

If you are concerned about your tolerance to noise or are experiencing any communication difficulties we are here to help.

Hearing Therapy

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