Tinnitus Treatment

The British Tinnitus Association has launched a specialised website with advice for people who have just started to get bothersome tinnitus*

There has been substantial progress in tinnitus worldwide research**.  The EU has just given a grant for a four year study on Tinnitus which starts this year.

People can, and do, manage the intrusive noises that impact on their lives.

Specialised treatments for tinnitus are now available. Every patient is different and there is no one treatment that fits all.  The best treatment for you depends on the nature of your tinnitus, it’s severity, your hearing ability and lifestyle.


Consisting of a detailed explanation of the mechanisms of hearing and our current understanding of how tinnitus is generated, its inherent unimportance and the fact that it is amplified by anxiety and over-attention to it.


This is a diagnostic examination of your tinnitus/hyperacusis.


This is used to reduce the contrast between tinnitus and silence, this may involve the use of a wearable noise generator (WNG) – a device similar to a hearing aid.  Or by adding a repetitive non-invasive sound, like an electric fan, a ticking clock, a radio off-station, or a special freestanding, natural sound generator (this takes the brain’s focus away from the tinnitus by reducing the contrast between the background sound and tinnitus).


This is a very structured approach to managing tinnitus.  It assumes that your brain has prioritised your tinnitus.  We use a variety of different treatments including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and Mindfulness.


If you have a hearing loss you should wear hearing aids which are made specifically with tinnitus therapy features.

Many DJ’s and musicians wear these.  As an independent clinic we provide a choice of state-of-the-art hearing technology which will best suit your individual needs.

At North West Hearing our highly trained hearing professionals will be able to help you with managing your tinnitus.

*British Tinnitus Association website – Takeontinnitus – to view click here

**Details of EU grant 4 year study – to view click here


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