Hearing Referrals

North West Hearing is an independent audiological practice based at The Beeches Consulting Centre in the grounds of the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.

We are Harley Street Hearing’s clinic in the North West.  Harley Street Hearing is London’s largest independent hearing clinic which has been established on Harley Street for 25 years.


Our Services:

  • We offer an on-demand audiological diagnostic service, or if preferred, an appointment system for a full range of audiometric tests.
  • We provide independent advice on the latest digital hearing instruments and sound enrichment devices with technology and prices to suit a range of needs and budgets. As a fully independent practice we are able to ensure that a solution is chosen to match the specific needs of each client. As recommended by Action for Hearing Loss (RNID), all patients receive a trial period with no obligation and a full package of care intended to ensure that each client reaches their full hearing potential.
  •  We are the North West Lyric Centre – Lyric is the only truly invisible hearing aid which is available on a subscription basis.

If you feel we can benefit any of your patients please be assured that we will provide the highest standards of care with a friendly and professional service. 

We would be very happy to meet with you at any time that suits you to discuss the latest developments in hearing technology.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of the services that we offer.

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