Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal 

For issues with blocked ears and concerns about hearing, our ear care practitioners are available for professional ear wax removal appointments for a fee of £60 at our hearing clinic.

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Carried out with precision accuracy using high-spec examination microscopes.  This gives your audiologist x20 magnification for unrivalled visibility and depth perception so they can work safely in the ear canal. The process allows your audiologist to see the inside of the ear and painless.  


For deeper accumulations of ear wax requiring more extensive removal, irrigation stands out as a safer, gentler, and significantly more efficient substitute for the antiquated ear syringing technique. However, it’s important to note that this approach isn’t recommended for individuals with an ongoing ear infection or a history of such infections.

Our audiologists uses a specialised ear irrigator to delicately administer a gentle, low-pressure stream of body-temperature water to the inner walls of the ear canal. This gradual flow carries away the wax as it exits the ear.

Preparing for your Ear Wax Removal

To achieve the best results apply softening drops or olive oil prior to your appointment. This makes it much easier to remove any hardened wax.

If you wear hearing aids, please bring these along to your appointment and we can check and clean them for you.

Please be aware that we are not able to issue prescriptions; if you suspect that you may have an infection, please seek the advice of your GP.

Call 0161 491 1943  

“My GP suggested I contact North West Hearing to get my ears cleared of wax urgently because the blockage and the loud buzzing was making me feel increasingly anxious and unbalanced. Sam immediately reassured me that I would get sorted soon – this was on a Friday and my appointment was made for Monday – big relief!!

At my appointment, Greg was very understanding about my situation as I already have tinnitus and I was worried it would make it worse. He used the most reassuring method and I was feeling great in minutes. He also gave me lots of positive things to think about with regards to the management of my tinnitus and I feel much more confident about the future now. I feel quite inspired to make some positive changes – thank you SO much!

I’d absolutely recommend North West Hearing, well worth the money to be seen quickly and to be treated so well!” Helen Stevenson

Ear Wax Removal

£60 for microsuction or irrigation – call 0161 491 1943 or fill in below for our next available appointment