Passive Shooting Earplugs

Passive Shooting Earplugs

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Luxury custom-fit Sonic Valves protect your ears only when you need it most, allowing you to hear normally when there is no gun being fired.  The passive valves react upon impulse from sound waves and shutdown momentarily when the gun fires.  They are not electronic and the valve barrels can be removed for easy cleaning of the moulds.

These are the ultimate in completely reactive hearing protection for those with regular exposure to firearms.  Ideal for sportsmen, police firearm officers and army personnel.

EMTEC shooting plugs Harley Street HearingEmtec NoiseBreaker®

A personally moulded and vented earplug. It is a silicone rubber moulding which is tailor-made to each individual concha bowl and ear canal.

NoiseBreakers do not interfere with the barrel of the gun, or any glasses or headgear. They can be comfortably worn all day and do not over-isolate – the in-built filter allows speech frequency sounds through, thus allowing instructions and warnings to be heard.


Passive shooting plugs Harley Street HearingProFlex Filtered Passive Earplugs

ProFlex Passive Earplugs combine the ProFlex multi-softness earpiece with a filtered passive module to provide cost‐effective hearing protection with ambient awareness.

These earplugs can be upgraded to full CENS® ProFlex digital by purchasing the electronic module at a later date, allowing you to spread the cost of the earplugs and modules over time.

Choose from a variety of colours, colour combinations and personalise with logos or images.

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Passive Shooting Earplugs

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