Dr Greg Nassar at workHearing Assessment

What can I expect?

Your hearing assessment will take place in four stages.  We choose from the very latest in digital technology to find the right solution for you.

All our hearing aids are very effective but extremely discreet and in some cases completely invisible.

At all times we consider your individual needs and we will provide advice on the best hearing aids which will help you hear to the best of your ability.


Initial Hearing Consultation

  • Full audiometric hearing assessment which will include speech discrimination if needed
  • A full ear and auditory canal examination
  • Your individual lifestyle assessment
  • A full explanation of your results
  • Independent advice on the most appropriate hearing aids
  • A copy of your hearing test (audiogram)
  • GP or ENT Consultant reports if required


Hearing Aid Fitting & Consultation

  • Fitting and programming of the hearing aids – we use computerised sound samples to imitate “real-life” situations such as street noise and restaurant back ground noise.
  • Programming/setting of hearing aids to suit your individual requirements.
  • A complete instruction on how to use and care for your hearing aids, including how to clean and maintain.


Follow-Up Appointments & On-going support

  • We will call and check on your progress a few days after your fitting.
  • A follow-up appointment one week after your fitting to discuss your progress and carry out any fine tuning and adjustments.
  • A further 2-3 weeks after the fitting we will normally see you again to further discuss your experiences with the hearing aids and make adjustments where necessary
  • A further check in two months allows us to ensure that you are completely satisfied.



  • Any further advice, or necessary adjustments, are complimentary for the first two years after purchase.
  • You will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for an agreed period.
  • All of our patients receive an on-going repair and cleaning service.
  • As it is advisable to have your hearing aids and hearing checked annually we will contact you every 12 months.


We will keep you up to date with any new technology and invite you to trial any new hearing aids and upgrades available.


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