The first invisible hearing aid that really is 100% invisible

Phonak lyric - the contact lens for your earLyric Costs

The Lyric hearing aid is not just completely revolutionary in its design, being the first and only completely invisible hearing aid, it is the only hearing aid which is only available on a subscription basis. This means that every time your long-running battery runs out (approximately every 2 to 4 months) we replace it for you, giving you a completely new Lyric with all the many improvements in technology which have become available.  This means you are never having to upgrade you are always totally up to date with any hearing advances as they happen.

So how much is Lyric?  A monthly subscription of £125 per month per ear.  Should you prefer there is also the option of paying in full every year.

If a subscription does not appeal to you we have many other invisible/discreet hearing aids available, come in for a consultation and we can ensure that you never have to struggle with your hearing again.

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