“My first awareness of an impairment in my hearing was probably as much as 20 years ago although I took no remedial action until about 10 years ago. I tried ‘in ear’ and ‘behind ear’ hearing aids from both Specsavers and Boots.  Neither gave me the result that I was looking for and I must be brutally honest and and admit that vanity also played a part in my rejection.

When I heard about Lyric I was keen to try and must say that I was bowled over with the results.  Had I really been missing all those sounds for so long, especially high frequencies. I no longer leave business meetings knowing that I missed maybe 50% of what was going an and can have conversations in the car, either as driver or passenger, without the ever embarrassing ‘say again’.

Both Greg and Samantha are a delight to deal with and my only reservation is the restriction on opportunities for battery changes.  This is however, a very minor issue.

I have recommended NWH to a number of friends and will continue to do so”.

Kind Regards, Colin.