“I noticed my hearing gradually deteriorate over a few years. I decided something had to be done when I had trouble hearing the warning beeper as I was turning the garage alarm off.

I visited two hearing aid specialists who both offered me over the ear aids, these were not acceptable to me as I am a very vain person.

Eventually I went to see an NHS audiologist and was given over the ear aids. Once again they were too large and I was reluctant to go out wearing them – defeating the object of having them!!

I read about the Lyric aids and contacted North West Hearing. They are completely invisible in place, just what I wanted.  I had a few problems with them, but Greg was very patient with me, and I persevered with them. After a few months it was decided they were not for me. Knowing how vain I was Greg found a new, small, in the ear aid. I have never looked back and wear them all the time. 

I could not have had better advice from Greg and Sam at North West Hearing who were always at the end of the telephone if I had any problems or needed some advice.

Would I recommend North West Hearing? Without a doubt.”