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BBC World Service Show on Noise

Gabriella Leon featured on the BBC WorldService Why Factor’s show on Noise.  Coming to our Harley Street Hearing Therapist Gladys Akinseye for a consultation, Gabriella was clearly in distress about her tinnitus and hyperacusis; her Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) score was acute.  She’s had further sessions of therapy and now has had a significant reduction … [read more]

Clubbing and Tinnitus insight

Read Paul Checkley-Clinical Director at Harley Street Hearing and Musicians’ Hearing Services contribution to the Independent’s article on how likely are you, as someone who might enjoy going regularly to gigs and nightclubs, to get tinnitus. Read the original article on the Independent website. How likely are you, as someone who might enjoy going regularly … [read more]

Metro reporter comes for microsuction reporter Coral Barry came into see our audiologist Jaspreet Bahra at our Harley Street branch as she felt her ears were blocked. Jaspreet carried out microsuction – which is the fastest, least intrusive form of wax removal. If your ears feel blocked come to our clinic in Cheadle, the cost of wax removal is £60. For … [read more]

New hearing aid that connects to any mobile phone

Until now hearing aids were only available to connect to smart phones. Phonak has now created a hearing aid Audeo B-Direct which connects directly to any mobile phone, regardless of the brand or operating system, as long as it has Bluetooth®, you’re good to go.   Audéo B-Direct also easily connects to your TV.  This is … [read more]

Hearing Loss Dementia Link

Clinical Director Paul Checkley was interviewed by Global News after a new, international study concluded that up to a third of dementia cases might be preventable; with hearing loss being the TOP modifiable dementia risk. The findings from an international commission of 24 leading experts from around the world were published in the prestigious journal, The … [read more]

Off the shelf earplugs can damage your ears

Always use custom-made ear plugs for snoring, swimming, loud music or noise to avoid painful damage.  Ear, Nose & Throat Consultant, Mr Michael Wareing recommends them in this article from the Daily Mail showing the dangers of putting things in your ears, the trauma of sorting out the problem and the speed of microsuction.   Prevention … [read more]

Manchester Hearing Tests – what to expect from our hearing clinic

Hearing is something we take for granted; we only realise how important it is when we notice we’re starting to loose it.  Mishearing conversations in restaurants, asking people to repeat themselves, the ringing in your ears after a concert – all of these can be signs of damage to your hearing. We live in an increasingly … [read more]

Audiologist of the Year

North West Hearing’s Clinical Services Manager Dr Greg Nassar was awarded this prestigious award, voted for by patients.   Nominated by Lynn Chipperfield, Greg’s commitment to helping her daughter overcome her unique circumstances and his consistent support led the judges to announce him the winner.  Read details of how Greg had gone above and beyond to … [read more]

Simply Red’s Ian Kirkham seen on location

“So pleased that Musicians Hearing Services has now opened up in Manchester, saw them while Simply Red on tour this week” Ian Kirkham – Simply Red Saxophonist. Pictured is Ian Kirkham and Dr Greg Nassar.

UK Noise Pollution Map

Hearing Test in Manchester – concerns for increasing Noise Pollution

Noise pollution in Britain is a growing concern. When it comes to hearing loss, the issue is often misconstrued as being triggered by ageing, but the leading cause of hearing loss is actually noise. Due to the ongoing work on infrastructure projects throughout the country, Britain is getting noisier. And, it goes without saying that noise can have … [read more]

Lyric Centre Cheadle with Jessica Jane Stafford

Hearing Tests in Manchester: Everything you need to know

Without locating the problem, you can’t find a suitable solution. This is why hearing assessments are so important when it comes to finding the perfect hearing aid. Each individual’s hearing loss is unique to them, and no two cases are the same. This is why we take pride in our four stage hearing assessment, which helps us … [read more]

All about the amazing Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid

Lyric Hearing aid Gone are the days of bulky, uncomfortable hearing aids. There’s no longer any need to feel conscious about wearing a hearing device because now there’s a 100% invisible hearing aid – a hearing aid that’s SO invisible, you might forget you’re wearing it. It might sound a little unfeasible to have a … [read more]

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