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Ear Wax Removal Clinic

Safe and Effective Ear Wax Removal in Cheadle

North West Hearing offers safe and effective ear wax removal in the Cheadle community, performed by highly skilled clinical audiologists who specialise in microsuction and irrigation. Our team of ear care practitioners are available for ear wax removal appointments – £60 for both ears. If you’re having difficulty obtaining a GP appointment, Call 0161 491 1943 or e-mail below. Our clinic is at The Beeches Consulting Centre, Mill Lane, Cheadle. 

Struggling with blocked ears?

Are your ears feeling dry, itchy, or painful? Experiencing earache or slight hearing loss? It’s likely that you have a build-up of excessive ear wax, which can be quickly and easily resolved with professional ear wax removal.

Understanding Ear Wax Build-Up

Ear wax is a perfectly normal secretion of the ear canal, which is important to our ear’s functions. As our ears self-clean, this wax will naturally be pushed out, which means, for the most part, ear wax should be left alone. However, in some cases, excess build-up can occur, which requires professional ear wax removal.

Importance of Professional Ear Wax Removal

As excessive wax can lead to pain, discomfort, and sometimes hearing loss, it’s important to remove any old wax that is causing these issues to provide immediate relief. Ear wax removal should always be performed by a professional audiologist to guarantee a safe procedure and effective results.

Microsuction Ear Wax Treatment

The gold standard technique in ear wax removal, microsuction is quick, safe, painless, and doesn’t involve putting liquid into your ear. Our team of ear care practitioners are fully qualified clinical audiologists who carry out microsuction with precision and accuracy.

Using high-spec examination microscopes with x20 magnification, our audiologists can work safely in the ear canal with full visibility and depth perception. Using a gentle suction device, any moderate ear wax build-up can then painlessly be removed from the ear canal providing instant relief.

Ear Irrigation

If ear wax build-up is more profound and a larger quantity of wax needs to be removed, irrigation is a safer, gentler, and much more effective alternative to the outdated ear syringing method. This method is not advised if you have an ear infection or a history of ear infections.

Using a specialised ear irrigator, our audiologists gently apply a low-pressure flow of body-temperature water to the upper ear canal wall which slowly flows out, bringing the wax with it.

Ear Wax Syringing: An Outdated Method

Ear syringing is an old-fashioned method of wax removal that is no longer considered to be best practice or safe. The modern alternative is electronic irrigation.

Book in for a De-Wax Appointment

Ear wax removal should never be performed at home. While it can be tempting, trying to pull the blockage out using your hands or a cotton bud can cause further damage and exacerbate the problem.

Quick, painless, and immediately effective, ear wax extraction carried out by a professional is the best and only solution to providing relief.

Instant Ear Wax Removal

Wax removal appointments at our independent hearing clinic. We are an essential service so if you’re having difficulty obtaining a GP appointment, for microsuction or irrigation, one of our highly qualified audiologists will remove your ear wax instantly.  Clinic at The Beeches Consulting Centre, Cheadle. Call 0161 491 1943 or e-mail below.