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Lumity new hearing aids

New rechargeable hearing aids

For better hearing in background noise.

The most desired request from current hearing aid users is ‘better hearing in background noise’ so this is the main focus for Phonak’s new Audeo Lumity, helping you to fully immerse in conversations in any environment.

Lumity Hearing Aid Features

There are two key developments:

    • StereoZoom 2.0 – designed to focus the microphones of the hearing aids forwards when the hearing aid user is in a noisy surroundings so you can hear what you are looking at with a smoother, more gradual adaption to the sound levels as they change. As the noise levels increase, there’s a gradual focus on the person in front and hopefully should remove that trapped in a bubble, blocked off feeling when you’re in background noise.
    •  SpeechSensor – a 360-degree speech detection algorithm allowing you to hear more conversations from all around you. Phonak say that approximately 80% of conversations come in front of us on a day-to-day basis, with 20% coming from the behind or to the side. This means you will pick up speech without having to turn your head towards the speaker.

In addition Lumity also includes:

  • Universal Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Exceptional sound
  • myPhonak app pairing for make adjustments, creating customised programs and optional goal settings. You also connect directly with your clinical audiologist who can provide remote assistance.

If you have hearing aids currently, or feel you may have hearing loss as you’re struggling to hear conversations in background noise call us for a consultation and you can demo these new Lumity hearing aids.

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